Here you have a list with the companies working for Marsys. Due to them, we can offer you a wide range of equipments and materials for your project.
These companies are organized into several groups, according to the type of equipment produced. By eihter clicking on the names or through the navigation menu on the left side of the site, you will get a brief piece of information about the selected company. 

Steel and materialsAccommodationDesign and services
· Centraalstaal
· Loggers
· Winel
· E. V. Hansen
· Isolamin
· Maritime Møbler
· Momec
· Premec
· Spectra
· Dampa
· Bolton Gate
· Vuyk Engineering
Propulsion and steeringSpecial equipments
· Veth Propulsion · Carlsen
· Optimarin
· Corrosion
· Stable
· Teamtec
Engine servicesSafety equipmentsCargo control equipments
· N. R. F.
· Pilgrim
· Witt & Sohn
· Maritime Progress
· Gesab
· Marine Moisture Control
· Pleiger
T. C. Repair
Deck equipments
· Oelkers & Eichler
· THR Marine (SEC)
· SEC Bremen
· Coops & Nieborg